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About us


Please inform us your inquiry on prescription and specification.


We will make prescription according to your product concept and targeting market, etc.


Welcome the messages like, “a product with this and that materials is under consideration.

With your order/s, we will begin to produce your products with lead time about 2-3 weeks. Your order/s will be produced on our state of art machines with strict quality control and hygiene practice.

Our quality management system and its maintenance/operation have been established to satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and any relevant legal, regulatory requirements & approved codes of practice.


The quality of support, interaction and achievement at every point within our supply chain is highly significant to our success wherever practical we work with in partnership with our suppliers and customers as a natural adjunct to the quality process.


Sharing of information, effective communication, education and training have leading roles to play in the implementation of our quality policy.


To ensure that everyone is empowered to contribute, the policy, quality practices and programmes are promoted widely both internally and externally using a range of media.

Established in 2004, Sigma Hardware is now more than 20 years. 


From design concept, detailed drawings, selection of material, processing technology & tooling making all the way to finalize the productions. Our team aims our goal to pursue excellence.

Please see how our selections can enrich your product catalogues, contact us now.